Day 1- Tour of Kihim village

Kihim Beach

Kihim beach at just on 2 minute walk able distance.

It is situated on the outskirts of Alibaug and one of the famous beach in area. Kihim beach is famous for its Silky sand and clean water. On a clear day one can see the Mumbai, Navy Nagar buildings. The paragliding activities are available only at Kihim beach. One can take Horse cart round or can drink fresh coconut water. The sunset view from beach is very awesome.

Kihim Lake


It is situated on the border of Kihim village, surrounded by suru trees from all the three sides, a very peaceful place.  On the back of lake there is one very old Lord Shiva Mandir located. Many villager perform the pooja at Mandir and start there day.

Jerusalem Gate

Just 2 kms away from Arte Cottage, where the naval force of israil entered India.

Shiva Linka

Shiv-ling at Kihim beach

One of the famous Shiv-ling, which come out of water during the monsoon time in the month of shravan at Kihim beach.

Kankeshwar Mandir

Sri Kankeshwar Mandir (Lord Shiva) – 5 kms from Arte Cottage

This is very famous Lord Shiva temple on a 900 feet high hill, It’s a 5000 feet long climb on well paved stairs, which takes one hour land marks along the route are tombs of Mohangiri and Balgiri,  Nagoba rest, Jambhali Plateaur, God's stair, Gaymandi etc. The fatigue of the uphill climbs vanishes the moment one enters the scenic temple premises. It comprises various small temple of Sri Paleshwar, Sri Hanuman, Sri Balram Krishna and Lord Shiva. The special attraction is an ancient sweet water tank enclosed in traditional structure of black stone. The ancient temple was built by
Raja Ramdeorai Yadav. The height of the Shiva temple is 54 feet. The front gate has lion sculpture On the both sides with traditional lamp pillar in front. The 4 ft long 'Pindi' of Lord Shiva is silver plated. The premises also in include nagaar-khana, bheem Kunda, a garden for flowers to be offered to the Lord Sri Ram Ganesh temple and Gomukha. Every year, kartik poornima as per Hindu calendar is the day of fair, on this hill, variety of herbs are found.