Day 3 - Tour to Alibaug Town

Alibaug beach - 10 kms from Arte Cottage

A gateway to Alibaug fort. The black sands of Alibaug are the most popular stretch of beach here.

Alibaug Fort

Kolaba Fort, Alibaug

It is located 1 km across from Alibaug beach. The construction of this sea fort was started in 1680 A.D. by The great Maratha warrior 'Shivaji'. The fort has been standing over for more than 300 years, and is 900 feet long, 350 feet wide and has 25 feet height walls, which has 17 bastions (burg) on all sides. The fort can be only accessed during low tide through a narrow strip of land which goes underwater during high tide. Within The premises a well and a tank of sweet water in the midst of sea are found. Two cannons in intact condition can be seen on one of the 17 bastistions. The Archaeological survey of India charges a nominal token entry fee for the visit. Fort is open in all the season.

Tomb of Kanhoji Angre at Alibaug

Just five minute walk from Alibaug bus stations, on the way to market. The structure has 8 faces and the pillar are exquisitely sculpted. Though in dilapidated state today. It stands in sacred memory of the Great Maratha Admiral Kanhoji Angre.


In the heart of Alibaug town, this fort was built by the Angres in 1720. Its imposing black basalt high walls are indicate of the significance of this fort. Legend has it that the Angre treasure used to be housed in it. Today, it is used as district jail.

Angrewada (Mansion)

Two minutes distance from Alibaug bus stations this mansion in renovated form.
The seat of Angre dynasty, some historic artifacts are kept in the first floor hall.

Magnetic ObservatoryMagnetic Observatory at Alibaug

Established in 1904. This observatory is the only one of its kind in Asia and one of 13th in the whole world, with whole data is exchanged every 12 minutes. The British period building that house rare valuable instruments like a magnetograph are built only in stone, without any steel. The observatory records Magnetic movement in the earth's crust and also magnetic storms caused by solar storms.