Day 4 - Tour to Murud and Janjira Fort

Murud beach – 60 kms from Arte Cottage

Murud beach is surrounded on three sides by mountains. The water here is clear blue and the sand is slivery white.

Nawab Palace

Nawab's Palace

This palace is situated on the right side on a plateau with the sea for a backdrop. One appreciates the choice of locations built in 1855, it is private property of the royal family and prohibited for outsider. The architecture is a mix of Mughal and Gothic styles.

Kohkri Tombs

These are tombs of siddis spiritual gurus. The structures in indo-islamic style are works of beauty. The place is 6 kms from Murud on Murud-aagardanda road.

Garambi Dam

Progressively-minded Nawab of recent pass, Sir Siddi Ahmed Khan Dedicated this dam to Queen Victoria memory. Source of water supply to the town even today this place is where nature is at her best. Chirping of birds and music of running water on the backdrop of thick vegetation, a scenic valley.

Sawatkada Falls

On the way to Garambi, we pass through village shighre. During rainy season, we can approach this
Fall via Saygaon. It's a 30 minute walk through fields with beautiful mountains on one side.

Janjira Fort

Janjira Fort

This overwhelming guarding of the siddhi naval prowess over the Arabian sea, can be approached in sail boats, which leave form rajpuri jetty, 5 kms from Murud. As we land at the front gate of the fort, two formidable bastions can be seen guarding the huge gate. Here is sculpture in stone depicting a lion that has overpowered six elephants. The main gate is followed by another gate where 3 lungers/anchor are clearly visible in front of shrine of 5 peers (peepanchayatan). Opposite of that is big sweet water tank around that stand the khasha siddi masjid and the ruins of houses. Next come surul khan mansion. In the back yard, remnants of Hindu Sculptures are visible. During archaeological excavations in 1985 temple ruins and a 'Shiva ling' was found. On the back ground, fortified bulwarks with guns positioned are unmistakable. There are 24 bastions in all having their separate names. Special attraction of this fort is 3 gigantic canons name Kalabangdi, Chavri and Landa Kasam. Another gate to the west is sea facing called 'Darya Darwaza'

Phansad Sanctuary - ( 52.71 sq kms)

Before nandgaon, on way to Murud town, 7ms to the left is this 'Game' reserve forest for the erstwhile Nawab Murud. Today, this is a government sanctuary for rabbits, wolves, tiers etc. Thereis an information cneter, an exhibition, trekking facilities are made available by the government near supegaon. These facilities are approachable on Murud-roha road via supegaon at usroli, 7 kms from Murud.